Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blood Glucose Monitoring

One thing I found out about glucose monitoring is that it is expensive as a drug problem. I am not kidding. You have a monitor, lancets to prick your finger and above all... test strips.

Pharmaceutical companies are making huge dollars off diabetes. I never noticed before but if you go into a pharmacy, look at the main display wall. I guarantee you 75% of it is diabetic products.

The only real tip I have on cost saving for a new diabetic is DO NOT BUY A METER. Notice I DID NOT SAY do not use a meter. A meter will become your ultimate ally in your journey with diabetes.

Nearly all of the drug companies have programs where they will give you a meter for free. They can usually be found online. Just check the major companies like Accu-Chek or Bayer Contour's websites. I found links to free meters on their sites in minutes. I will post those links in the "helpful links" page. Even ask the pharmacist, I have seen it many times where you buy the meter and then get a mail in rebate for the price. If that fails, at your local diabetes clinic or the hospital where you were diagnosed they may have a meter to give you.

That's the good news... the bad news is the price of the tests strips. They are insanely expensive but coupons can be found for them as well if you do not have insurance. You can basically equate blood glucose monitors to computer printers. Computer companies make their money off the ink and cartridges, pharmaceutical companies make their money off the strips.

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