Monday, 30 April 2012

Dentist Appointment on Wednesday : The Importance of Dental Health

As I stated in my previous post on infections...

I told one of my friends who is a dentist that I had Type 1 Diabetes and he told me to get into the dentist asap to get things checked out. Apparently, oral health is extremely important when dealing with diabetes. I was shocked!

Your chance of having more oral problems jumps when you are a diabetic. My personal dentist recommended that I now see him once every 4 months instead of once every 6. He just said we needed to keep a closer eye on things and make sure nothing gets out of hand. If there is an oral infection it can easily spread into your bloodstream he explained. Then he found a cavity! My first! ahhhh.

Now it is time to get that cavity filled on Wednesday.  One more needle that day...yay... no problem.

It does bring up the importance of dental health for diabetics though.  People with diabetes are way more likely to have oral problems than those without diabetes.  These problems can include dry mouth, gum inflammation and general oral infections.  Also, the diabetes can make it take longer to recover from these complications. 

It can be a vicious cycle though, as my dentist explained to me, diabetics are more susceptible to dental problems in the first place, once they get an infection, it raises the blood sugar, thus making the infection worse or harder to treat... and the cycle continues.

 The best way to avoid these complications in the first place is proper blood glucose management. Of course that is on top of the good old advice of brushing twice a day and flossing everyday. 

It goes without saying that if you smoke you should probably quit.  I think there is plenty of data out there to suggest this is a good idea.  But hey, each to his own.

PS. Listening to Jack White's new solo album Blunderbluss while writing this post.  Sounds pretty good so far.  Any Jack White fan would love it. 


  1. Yes - as a T1D of 45 years - I can vouch for what you are writing about. BTW, did you know that now dentists can detect T2D? I wrote about this last year at (where I work as a diabetic mentor) - check it out at this link when you're not busy writing -

    1. Hi Anna. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope you are well. It is amazing what dentists can help diagnose. All sorts of cancers, infectins, etc. My dentist friend drilled this stuff into my head! "It's not just about making sure you don't have cavities!" haha

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