Friday, 13 April 2012

Diabetic Complication #2 Eye Problems

Diabetic Complication #2  Eye Problems

Unfortunately, this is something I have personal experience with as well.  It is very rare for a new diabetic to have eye problems but I hit the jackpot!  In reality most diabetics will experience some form of eye problems over their lifetime.  Again, if you keep on top of it you can help prevent it or slow it's progression.

I have something called Moderate Diabetic Retinopathy.  The way my ophthalmologist explained it to me is that the blood vessels in the retina are leaking.  As it stands now I just have the see the ophthalmologist on a rolling 3 month basis to make sure it is not progressing. 

If it is progressing... then I go in for laser surgery.  The way I see it is at least this will stop the damage.  I actually feel lucky because if this would have been 30 years ago my possibility of blindness would be extremely high.  Now it is almost non-existent because of the new technology that has been developed. 

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