Friday, 13 April 2012

Diabetic Complication #3 Kidney Disease (Nephropathy)

Diabetic Complication #3 Kidney Disease (Nephropathy)

Luckily, I have no experience with this complication at this point in time.  No one knows the exact cause of Nephropathy but they do know what helps cause it  Basically, high blood pressure and high blood glucose cause damage to the kidneys.  At this point they can no longer filter  and remove waste and fluids from the body. 

The best way to try to prevent Nephropathy is to keep your blood glucose under control.  Also, blood pressure control is very important.  I expect you are starting to see a theme here.  Keeping your blood glucose under control is extremely important, after all, that is the root of the disease known as diabetes.  Again, the easiest way for me to keep my blood sugar under control is constant monitoring.

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