Friday, 13 April 2012

Diabetic Complication #6 Mental Health

Diabetic Complication #6  Mental Health

Some studies suggest that people with diabetes are more than twice as likely to have depression than someone without diabetes.  We are also at a higher risk to experience anxiety than people without diabetes.  Just something to watch out for.  I know that it is extremely common for people to have anxiety about their needles or their glucose or A1C test results. (Yes, I know I said test).

I went and am still going to a counsellor who has helped me with coping mechanisms for my diabetes.  It is a huge life change and it is worth talking to someone about it.  If you are lucky enough to have a caring spouse they can listen to a fair amount and give you advice on things.  Though, the fact is, it is not fair to them to bare so much of the burden of you having diabetes.  In fact, it may be stressful for them and they may wish to seek out some help as well.

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