Friday, 13 April 2012

Diabetic Complications #5 Infections

Diabetic Complications #5 Infections

Unfortunately people with diabetes are more prone to infections than people without diabetes.  Diabetes is after all an autoimmune disorder.  As discussed in my previous post, your feet and legs are especially prone to infection.  That is why it is so important to give them the once over everyday. 

I told one of my friends who is a dentist that I had Type 1 Diabetes and he told me to get into the dentist asap to get things checked out.  Apparently, oral health is extremely important when dealing with diabetes.  I was shocked!

Your chance of having more oral problems jumps when you are a diabetic.  My personal dentist recommended that I now see him once every 4 months instead of once every 6.  He just said we needed to keep a closer eye on things and make sure nothing gets out of hand.  If there is an oral infection it can easily spread into your bloodstream he explained.  Then he found a cavity!  My first!  ahhhh.

I was told the main thing to do when you have an infection is to treat it immediately.  Infections are much more serious for diabetics as they can and usually do spike your blood sugar levels.  I was also told to step up my monitoring when I had an infection to once every couple of hours.  If it gets too high I am to call my diabetic nurse immediately.  They can help determine what to do from there. 

To prevent infections I was told the usual "keep your blood sugar under control."  Shocking!!!!
Also, I was told to get the flu shot every year (not bad) and to get immunized for pneumonia (a little worse, ouch!) 

One last word on infections... ketones.  It is important to measure your ketones and make sure they are not too high.  If they are, call your Dr. immediately.  Checking them is very easy.  You just pee on a stick.  How fun!

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