Thursday, 12 April 2012

The importance of HBA1C

HBA1C is a number you will hear about a lot when you are a diabetic. Without getting too scientific... It is basically a way to measure what your average blood glucose has been over the past 2-3 months. Usually they want you to get the test done every 3 months but when you are initially diagnosed it can be asked for more frequently. It isn't a big hassle, just a simple blood test. Now they even have meters for them although the word is still out on how accurate they are. My endocrinologist says that for most type 1 diabetics anything under 7.0 HBA1C is good. 6.5 is better of course. The lower your A1C the less chance you have of experiencing complications is what the medical community advocates. They don't want it to be too low though because that is probably a sign that you are having too many lows. In my books that is just more motivation to monitor your glucose on a regular basis!   I will keep a record of my A1C's in this blog under "My A1C Journal".

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