Thursday, 19 April 2012

Juvenile Diabetes Diagnosis

Juvenile Diabetes Diagnosis

In the past two weeks I have heard of two young people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Both were in grade 4.  One was my wife's colleague's daughter, the other a daughter of my mother's friend.  I know the amount of stress getting my diagnosis was for my wife and I and our families.  I could not imagine what goes through a parents mind when their 10 year old child is diagnosed.  It has got to be an extremely stressful situation for the parent to say the least.  For the child I imagine it must be a very confusing and scary time in their lives.  It is stories like this that make me extremely grateful that I had 30 or so non diabetic years of my life.

The good news is there is more information out there about treatment of type 1 diabetes than there ever has been before.  Hopefully these parents are getting this information in a timely fashion from proper health care providers. 

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