Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ophthalmologist Appointment Tuesday

Ophthalmologist Appointment Tuesday

Well, I have an appointment with my ophthalmologist Tuesday.  Hopefully they have good news for me that my retinopathy has not progressed.  It is quite the appointment though for those of you who have not experienced one.  They freeze your eye, then they measure the pressure inside your eye.  Then in go the eye drops to dilate your pupils.  They continue to take all sorts of fancy pictures and shine all sorts of lights in your eyes.   Ask you all sorts of crazy questions.  The great news about these appointments is that there is no pain whatsoever.

One big tip though... bring your sunglasses!!!  Your eyes are super sensitive to light after going through this procedure because the pupils are dilated.  Also, you will need to have someone to drive you from the appointment.  Your vision may not normalize for a few hours after having the pupils dilated.

Wish me luck!

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