Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ophthalmologist Appointment Today

Ophthalmologist Appointment Today

Well, I had my appt at the eye specialist today.  It went pretty well actually.  The recovery from it was a little weird this time as my eyes were extra sensitive to light.  It wasn't bad though, I just went home and put on my sunglasses and had a nap.

As for my results... the Dr. said that there was not that much change but he did upgrade me to severe diabetic retinopathy.  Before I only had moderate.  He said that it was right on the edge so not too much change to worry about.  He said that really he could have diagnosed me with severe the first time.  He said since my HBA1C was currently at 6.5 he didn't think there would be much progression.  That is what we want at this point.  It can't be reversed so we just need to stop the progression. 

It is very rare for a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic to have this sort of complication.  Most experts recommend that type 1 diabetics have an appointment with the ophthalmologist 5 years after they are diagnosed.  I don't want to go against any Dr's advice or anything but I had only been diagnosed for less than 6 months when they discovered my retinopathy.  That being said, if you can get a referral to an ophthalmologist right after you are diagnosed and your insurance will pay for it or it isn't overly costly I would suggest you try to see one as soon as possible.  At least then you will know that you are safe for the time being.

After I get my retinal scans I will post them to this blog as they might be sort of interesting or enlightening for some people. 

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