Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Other People and Their "Knowledge and Experiences""

Other People and Their "Knowledge and Experiences"

When you are first diagnosed you will hear from all kinds of different people with their annoying/frustrating/ridiculous/sad/rude/funny comments.  I imagine that this happens to people diagnosed with any disease but it is especially different with diabetes because of the difference between type one and type two diabetes.  Here are some of my favourites that I can recall but honestly I get at least one new comment every week at least.

- I had a friend with diabetes and she had her leg amputated. (Is this supposed to be comforting?)
- I had a friend with diabetes and he had both his legs amputated. (Even more comforting.)
- My cousin had diabetes and he died at 40, he didn't live right. ( Sad story/warning to me)

- You don't look fat, how did you get diabetes?  I said "It's type one", they say " Oh is that the bad one?  I say "Is there a good one?  Then I go on to say "They used to call it juvenile diabetes, the one little children get, I just got it as an adult."  They look at me skeptically.

- You can't eat (insert any food here ) anymore, I couldn't live without my (insert same food here).

- At least it is manageable.  (This is a favourite of mine.  Yes, it's manageable, that doesn't mean it is easy!  This is somewhat true, it is just that most people don't realise how much work goes into managing it.  For some people it is manageable, for some it isn't, there are varying degrees depending on that persons capabilities, other physical problems, etc)

- I have diabetes and I eat lots of parboiled rice.  You should do that. (???????????????)

- Do you have the bad diabetes?

- You must have got it because you drink so much coke. (Um no, my pancreas shut down)

- After losing 40 pounds during diagnosis... "Maybe I should get that, I need to lose weight. ( Said in all seriousness)


- After seeing my needle for my pen, "Oh, that's just a little needle"  (LOL, Do you want to stick it in your stomach 4-5 times a day?)

- You need to exercise and eat well.  Exercise is the key. (Obviously I know it is important, I don't need 5 people a day telling me that.)

- You can't eat that!  (I will decide what I am going to eat.  Thank you.  You are not my mother. Even if you are my mother.  Sorry Mom!)
Side note... My mom is a scientist so she is actually very good at understanding my diabetes.  She just worries.

- Wow, you look great in that picture!  I say "That was right after I got out of the hospital, I almost died." They say "Yeah, but look how skinny you are." Me. "Thanks",  lol

At first, these sorts of comments made me quite angry or sad or worried because I didn't know a lot about the disease.  Since, I have learnt that it is better to try to educate people if they are open to it.  If not I just laugh it off, you got to roll with it or it would drive you nuts. 

The exception to this is when people blame me for getting diabetes.  That still angers me, in the future I will probably shrug that off too.  You can't let little things like what other people think get to you.  You have enough to take care of without that nonsense.  Now I just have to remember that and follow my own advice!


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Journey. Yes, your comments are funny and familiar. I, too, received some of the same when I returned to work. I had lost over 30 pounds before I went into the ICU. Afterwards, they said I had diabetes, but never said what kind. I figured it was type 2. It wasn't until Friday that it was type 1. I've learned that it is not my fault, just as you have said. Funny, though, the looks from people when you tell them you are diabetic. That look from your head to toe as though they are examining you for body fat, and an excuse as to why you're the blame for getting it. But I have other ailments, as well, and a possible new one on the horizon. Seems like the autoimmune aspect of this is really going against me. Good look and keep logging in your journey. - Stardustgirl

    1. Hi Stardustgirl. Unfortunatey it seems like other autoimmune diseases can really get to you when you have diabetes. We are way more likely to get sick and when we do it can be way more serious. I am sure they will tell you at the diabetes clinic but they usually recommend getting a flu shot and pneumonia vaccine. Diabetes is a strange thing. It can be really good one day and really bad the next. There are so many factors that effect blood glucose levels. Speaking of weight, mine went from 185 lbs to 158 lbs in about a week in the ICU and now that I am on insulin I am at 200 lbs. You just never know. But, you gotta just keep at it.