Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Another Amazingly Dumb Comment - From a Co-worker

Well, I went to visit my workplace today.  I was explaining to a co-worker that when I was diagnosed I lost a drastic amount of weight in a very short time. About 25 pounds in less than a week.  I was eating all sorts of junk food trying to keep on weight not knowing what was wrong with me.  This particular
co-worker is very understanding and we have a fairly close relationship.

Another co-worker, who I would describe as super vain is walking down the hall,  overhears me talking about this and comes into the office.  "That sounds awesome, I should get diabetes, I already suffer from hypoglycemia.  Why not go all the way?" 

An uncomfortable silence ensued between the three of us until she left the room.  My other co-worker and I just kind of looked at each other incredulously. 

Some people are completely self absorbed.  I had to hold my tongue in this situation.  I felt like asking her if she would also feel like her feet were going to burn off her legs everynight but I kept that one to myself.


  1. Geez! That is VERY stupid! I did a video of the stupid stuff people said to me and weight loss comments are included.

    1. I saw that. Very good. It is amazing what people have the nerve to say, sometimes to a complete stranger.

  2. That is a great idea! Is it up on your blog?