Friday, 30 November 2012

Little Reminder on Glucose Testing

This afternoon I was at my computer doing some work and I started to realise that I was having trouble concentrating and holding my thoughts.  These are tell tale signs for me that I need to test my blood sugar.  So I took out my meter and did my test.  11.8.  Strange, I thought I was low not high.  I almost gave myself a correction shot.  I decided I better give my hands a good scrubbing under the sink and then test again.  So I took the test and it came back at 3.4.  I tested again on my other hand and it was 3.6.  Yikes!!!  I almost took a corrective shot when I was already low.

A few things to point out here...

1.) You should always cleanse your hands before you test your BG.

2.)  If you are considering giving yourself a correction shot then make sure you re-test your BG before you do.

3.)  Considering my BG was at 3.4 I was lucky I had the presence of mind to go wash my hands and re-test.  There would have been some serious consequences if I would have given myself my 2 units of Humalog like I normally do for a correction when my glucose is in that range.

I guess that I had got a little sloppy in forgetting to wash my hands.  I always do; or at least use hand sanitizer before I test.  Complacency almost got the best of me.  I am pretty sure what happened is that when I went into my diabetes kit, my hands must have rubbed up against my Dex tabs.  I keep everything in the same bag, including my hand sanitizer, which in this case would have been very helpful to use.  Lesson learned.  Or refreshed.  Either way a close call.  Learn from my mistake, or get a refresher from my mistake, whatever way you want to look at it.   Consider it a reminder, just wash your hands!

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