Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Parents of Kids with Diabetes

Parents of Kids with Diabetes


I just have to say it.  Parents that are dealing with diabetes in their children are amazing.  Knowing what it is like as an adult living with diabetes and knowing what I was like when I was a small child, the perseverance, patience, and courage those parents must have.  It's funny, I was a good kid in most respects, but when it came to needles, I was a nightmare!  I still am a little scared of needles.  Not a great phobia for a Type 1 Diabetic but it's not like I have a choice then to stick myself numerous times a day.  

Back to the point...  for all of those parents and families dealing with this, keep it up, I know it must be very hard and emotionally straining to "be in charge" of taking care of your child's illness. 

I realise I am only thinking of small children here.  When I think of what it was like to be a teenager, yikes.  My mother was worried about me enough without the added burden of worrying about my blood sugars.  

Those parents who are helping their children with this disease, well, you are amazing.  Just needs to be said.

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