Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Spouses of People with Diabetes

Spouses of People with Diabetes

I have to say that my wife has been an unbelievable support to me since my diagnosis.  From the first day of diagnosis she has been amazing.  She has dealt with my weird mood swings, my lack of energy, my scary lows, my complications and everything else that comes along with being a Type 1 Diabetic.  She is great at not being the "Diabetic Police" and politely corrects others when they are.  Yet, she is very supportive of the proper lifestyle changes in regards to exercise and nutrition that we have had to make.  (In reality, she was already exercising and eating healthy, me... not so much).  

She has become just as knowledgeable as I have about the disease and that is a great help when I need to figure out patterns with my BG levels or to know the signs of when I am low.  Sometimes I am not always that receptive to her suggestions when I am low...

Wife - "I think you are low, you should test your blood"
Me - "No"
Wife - "You should eat."
Me - "No, I really don't think I need to."
Wife - "I think you are low, you should test your blood and if you are low you can have some Coke"
Me - "Ok"... "Oh you were right"

Thankfully I usually realise when I am low.  Plus, she knows a little bribery never hurts.  Real Coke!  Not Coke Zero!  Yeah, it should be juice or something but you gotta have your treats here and there.  

I wish that all diabetics could have such great support as well although I know not everyone does.  If you don't have a good support system check out other blogs, message boards, twitter, or perhaps there is an actual support group in your community where you can meet face to face.  There are all sorts of people out there willing to help and listen, I am just very lucky to have one at home.  

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