Sunday, 9 December 2012

I Wrote my First Test Today Since my Diagnosis

I Wrote my First Test Today Since my Diagnosis. 
I know right about now lots of college students are writing finals so I guess the timing of this entry is somewhat pertinent. 

I haven't written a test in a few years so I was a little rusty coming into it.  I didn't really think until the night before the test about how I was going to take care of my diabetes while writing the test.  This was not a good idea, plan ahead.   A few thoughts, ideas, and suggestions...

Be prepared/Have a plan - Decide at what time you will test your BG before you right the test.  Take  with you, juice, snacks, your regular diabetes kit.

Explain to the proctor or teacher that you have Diabetes and will need to test, at least they won't think you are cheating.

Test during the test -  As discussed above, have a plan for this.  Will it be a time or will it be based on how you are feeling? You know what is best for you.  That said, if the exam is long, (mine was 3 hours) I would suggest you test at least once.

Adjust accordingly - I had decided to test at 10:00 am. The test started at 9:00 and I had breakfast at 8:00.  My blood sugar was 11.5 mmol/L.  I rarely go over 10.  I took a 1 unit shot of Humalog to bring me down a bit.  I tested again after an hour and it took me down to 9.  That was acceptable to me. 

Try to get in a routine in the days before the test -  Eat your breakfast at the same time.  Do your glucose testing at the same time.  Do your studying at the same time (if possible). 

Do as much as you can to lower your stress level - Get to the exam room early, nothing like running late to spike your BG.  All that glucose floating around in your blood, not getting to your brain!

It was strange, I didn't know how serious mental exertion was going to effect me.  This test involved a lot of serious math that I do not use on an everyday basis.  When I was studying, I often found myself going low, I assume from using all that energy thinking (insert insult/joke here).  Every once in a while, I was going high.  Was it even related to the studying?  Who knows?  Your body will probably react differently in a test setting because it is a new environment, there is pressure, you may be nervous, etc.  There is really no way to tell.  I guess my solution to this was to test my BG and react.

So how did my test go?  Pretty well actually, I think.  Other than a few concentration issues I think I did pretty well.  I think they concentration issues had more to do with some medications I am taking for neuropathy than from diabetes/BG issues.

How do you take care of your diabetes when you are writing a test?  I am curious to know as I am starting an MBA next semester and need all the tips I can get!