Friday, 22 June 2012

It's been a while since my last blog entry.  Things have been going nuts for me lately.  My blood sugar has been all over the place. I'm planning to buy Phentermine 37.5 online to help with diet.  I would wake up and I would be at 7 and then I would test two hours later and I would be at 15!  This happened for about 3 days in a row so I decided to lower my carb/insulin ration from 7.5 g per 1 unit of Humalog to 5 g per 1 unit of Humalog.  I know that is a big change and you are not supposed to change it that much but I felt like it was needed.

So, I tried that for a couple of days and the same thing was happening!  I couldn't believe it!  I went and spoke with my diabetes educator about it and she said that it was probably due to my honeymoon period ending.  The honeymoon period is where your pancreas is still giving out a little bit of insulin on a somewhat erratic basis.  For me, apparently this made it much easier to control my diabetes. Puedes leer más sobre este tema aquí tarjetas de crédito falsas.

So I have been working on trying to get my morning sugars under control.  I have been doing this by keeping my ratio at 5 to 1 plus going for a 15 minute walk directly after eating in the morning.  Surprisingly this has been helping somewhat.  Unfortunately, like lots of other things with diabetes, this is a process that will take time in order to figure things out.  It seems like just when you think you have it figured out, BAM, it changes on you.  That is the nature of the disease.  I will just have to keep at it and get it regulated. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Great article  on gastrointestinal issues in people with diabetes. 

It is good to know what you are up against.  I struggled with some of these issues before I was diagnosed but since I have been diagnosed as a Type 1 and have started insulin therapy these issues have substantially decreased.  Good knowledge to have anyways.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Success! Glucose Under Control

Yesterday I posted about my glucose control being a little out of whack over the past few days.  I rested pretty much all day yesterday and tried to drink plenty of fluids and it seems as though the tickle in the throat is gone.  This morning my blood glucose was at 7.5 (135 for Americans).  This is an ok number for me, anything under 8 I consider ok.

In order to get there I had to increase my Levemir from 40 units per day to 46 units per day over a 4 day period.  I was worried about going low overnight with the increase but that did not happen.  I have had a fear of going low overnight because you hear real horror stories about that.  I am starting to get over that though.  We shall see. 

Perhaps as my journey continues I will start to be a little more aggressive with my basal insulin like I am with my bolus insulin.  Situations like this just go to show that you have to always be watching for patterns to keep under control.  Soon I may have to lower the Levemir down again but perhaps not if I start getting levels around 6 (108) in the mornings.  Any lower than that and I don't think I would be comfortable.

What do you aim for as a level in the morning?  Is it consistent and are you comfortable with it?

Monday, 28 May 2012

Over the past few days I have just not been able to get my blood glucose under control!  Frustrating!  There seems to be no reason why it has suddenly spiked up.  It seems like no matter what I do there is no rhyme or reason to it.  I have started to give myself 1 more unit of Humalog when I do a correction and it still isn't working.  When I wake up my fasting glucose is 10 (180 for my American friends) and that is where it stays for the rest of the day it seems.  Also, I have been increasing my Levemir by a couple of units per night.  Still when I wake up it is at 10 (180) or more.  FRUSTRATING!

Then I found the culprit, this morning I woke up with a tickle in my throat.  No cough or anything. just a plain old sore throat.  It is amazing how these small things can set you off course.  My doctor said that even the weather affects some people's glucose levels.  I believe it! 

This is a hard disease to get your head around sometimes.  Everyday is a learning experience that is for sure. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The meal for today is Chicken Souvlaki with Greek Salad and Lemon Potatoes.

I love making this meal because it is so flavourful and relatively easy to make.  Basically, I take two chicken breasts and cut them into cubes.  I cook for two and find 1 chicken breast per person is a good amount of food.  I let them marinade for a few hours in the fridge.  Take them out and skewer them on the small wooden sticks and throw them on the BBQ. 

To make the potatoes, I like them with dill, lemon, salt, pepper and lemon juice.  I use small potatoes that are about 3 gr of carbs each.  What I usually have is 5 potatoes, so about 15 gr of carbs.  I halve them and put them in tin foil along with the dill, lemon juice, salt pepper and used lemons.

15 g of carbs per serving
The salad is a combo of...

Makes about 4 servings

1/2 of a cucumber
1 red and 1 yellow bell pepper (12 gr of carbs total)
1/2 red onion
1 cup of baby tomatoes (6 gr of carbs total)
feta cheese
2 or 3 Tbsp of Olive Oil
1 Tbsp of Balsamic Vinegar
1 Tbsp of Fresh Thyme

4.5 gr per serving

The marinade for 2 Chicken Breasts is as follows...

2 or 3 sprigs of rosemary chopped
1 sprig of thyme chopped
3 cloves of garlic minced
juice of 1 lemon
salt and pepper
lemon rind to taste
2 tbsp of Olive Oil
I also like to have a couple Tbsps of tzatziki with my meal to dip the chicken and potatoes in.  This has 2 grams of carbs in it.

Total Grams of Carbs is 21.5 g of carbs per meal

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I have found this new product (for me anyways) called Chia Seed.  Apparently, the ancient Aztecs used to harvest it and it was a staple in their diet and even used it as currency in trade.  It is also the same stuff they use to make chia pets.  There are many ways it can be used and it is quite nutritional.  It is full of protein, fibre and as an added bonus has lots of omegas in it.  As far as flavour goes, it is bland.  It takes on whatever flavour you put in it.

One way you can use it is to just sprinkle it only a salad or into your cereal or yogurt.  This is a little crunchy for my liking though.  You can also grind it up and use it to top yogurt or cereal similar to how many people use flax seed.

There is another way to eat it but you must be warned, it is a little strange...  Well, some would consider it very strange.  If you soak it in liquid for about 15 minutes it takes on this weird consistency.  I guess I would describe it as a sort of tapioca texture.  Or perhaps crunchy bubble tea, if you have ever had bubble tea.  I have found if I take two Tbsp and soak it in 2 cups of either almond milk or water it makes me feel quite full.  It would be good in a shake as well.

Now, like I said, this is not for everyone.  Many people might consider it's texture, shall we say, slimy and off putting.  I find it isn't that bad though and I am going to continue to use it.

Sometimes I put two Tbsp in a glass of water and just drink it quickly.  It's relatively tasteless and does the job.

If I am feeling more ambitious I will put two Tbsp in 2 cups of cold almond milk and add a little cinnamon and splenda to it.  It tastes pretty good to me and it gives me a low carb snack with lots of fibre and I am always looking for fibre to help with my overall health. 

I picked up a 900 gram bag of this at Costco for $9.  That is cheap compared to the grocery store where it is $7 for a 300 gram bag.  Here is the nutritional info for 2 Tbsp.  (Sorry for the image quality, I just took a picture of the bag with my phone as I couldn't find one on the internet.)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Late at night or throughout the day sometimes I need something extra to eat because I had a light supper or lunch.  I do not usually have snacks as part of my nutritional routine unless I am working.  Sometimes in the morning I will get a little hungry after breakfast and I have an apple or something but it is rare that my breakfast isn't enough to get me through to lunch.  If I am working then I need to have a snack around 2 pm. or I will be low by the time I go home.  I usually try to keep this snack between 15-30 grams of carbs. 

The fact is though, for other times of the day I don't want to inject myself with 1,2,or 3 units of Humalog just to have a quick snack so I am not hungry before bed. 

As far as my insulin routine for nighttime snacks there are 3 situations I could be in.  For each situation my rule basically goes ...

1.) If I have had a normal day then I make no adjustments and try to have a low carb snack.
2.) If I have had a day where my BG has been high I will have a small snack and adjust at a rate of 1 unit of Humalog to 14 grams of carbs. (I don't want to get nighttime lows so this is about half of the normal insulin I would take, usually it is 1 H per 7.5 grams.)
3.) If I have had a day where my BG has been low I will have a regular snack (15-30 grams) and take no insulin.

Linked here Of course, with all of these situations I factor in my 10 pm. BG number as well.

This post is about situation #1.