Diabetic Meal Plans

First off I have to say that I realise what we eat as type 1 diabetics is not as restrictive as what type 2 diabetics deal with.  Most of us use carbohydrate counting and hopefully this will aid with that.  Type 1 diabetics generally have more complications so it is still important that we eat a variety of healthy nutritious foods to keep ourselves in good shape.

These are not actually meal plans they are just what my wife and I are making and consider them to be relatively healthy and tasty.  I am not a health nut.  I am not going to say that all of these meals are super healthy and have no fat, no carbs, crazy amounts of vitamins and minerals, they are just what I see as reasonable meals.  I will post the full meal here and then possibly a picture of it.  Then I will break it down. 

I am going to attempt to list the nutritional info for each meal.  This should help us with our carb counting.  For those of us that have other health issues to watch related to food it should be a help as well. (At least that is what I am hoping.) 

Then I am going to break down the meals into proteins, starches, and vegetables.  That way you can substitute whatever you like, mix and match, etc. 

Ambitious, yes, extremely I think.  But, if it can help simplify my life and your life then why not give it a shot?  This way I will have a good record of how many carbs are in many of my favourite meals and snacks.  Hopefully others find it useful as well. 

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